Modern Nursery – Baby Girl

The moment we decided we wanted to start having kids, I started searching for nursery ideas. The opportunity for me to be creative and personalize a room for my child, had me bursting at the seams. I’m not much of a pink person, but seeing as most baby girl items are pink, I had really no choice in adding pink to my theme.

I knew from the beginning I wanted grey walls, that way I can transform this room into anything my mind could create. Pinterest is my best friend for coming up with color schemes and giving me guidance when needed in my decorating. I saw the color scheme of gold, mint and blush pink one day and immediately knew that was the theme I had to go with.

Photo by JaneCane Photography /
Photo by JaneCane Photography /

My first DIY of the decorating process consisted of this wood sign. Thanks to a family friend, I was able to get access to a cricut – buy one! They are amazing and have helped me in many of my DIY projects – stay tuned for a future blog on my how to for wood signs.

I knew I wanted antique looking furniture for the room, but knew they would be expensive. In order to keep the cost down, I was able to find an armoire and dresser for under $100 a piece. Another family friend had the armoire [find a similar one here] and graciously painted it the way I wanted it to be painted. We removed the metal netting from the doors, added thin wood pieces and painted them with chalkboard paint. Though this takes from the antique look, I knew that the chalkboard would come in handy once our daughter was older. I was able to sand and paint a dresser I found on an online garage sale site myself and make it exactly the way I wanted it. I then removed the old knobs and found clear and gold knobs to match the color scheme for the room. I wish I had a picture of before and after because it truly turned out great. It started out an avocado green color – can you say 1960’s?! 🙂

Gallery walls. One of my absolute favorite things to decorate with. They have become such a huge decorating idea in the past few years and there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to make one – stay tuned for a future blog on all my different gallery walls. They are a process, but oh so much fun! Again, a family friend let me use her cricut and with the help of my mother-in-law was able to make the majority of everything on this wall. I was able to spray paint old frames to match the colors and use colored scrapbook paper for the stuff we made on the cricut. [Please forgive the missing key in the key to daddy’s heart frame – time got away from me before our pictures]

Photo by JaneCane Photography /
Photo by JaneCane Photography /

At 2 of our baby showers, our guests were asked to bring books instead of cards, so our daughter built up quite the book collection before she was even born. I wanted them displayed for her in her room instead of tucked away in the closet, but the only place that remained unspoken for in the room was a small corner. With Amazon being my favorite go-to shop, I was able to find a cheap, corner ladder-style shelf [find it here]. This way I was able to display her new books, as well as other trinkets she had received.

When picking out a slider chair for her nursery, I knew I wanted something comfortable – since I knew I would be spending countless hours rocking our new baby and feeding her throughout the night. I was able to find this gorgeous wide slider [find a similar style here] that would give us enough room to spread out and not feel squished. In all honesty, it isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world, but it definitely works for the purpose!

Photo by JaneCane Photography /
Photo by JaneCane Photography /

The nursery design jump started my creative mind into overload. My poor husband now has to listen to all of my crazy ideas as well as my father. Somehow I am always able to con them into letting me actually carry out my ideas!

Thanks for reading! Check back every Sunday for a new post!

♥ Amanda





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