Welcome to Grace Interiors

Welcome to my blog!

This is a scary and intimidating decision, but you never get anywhere unless you put yourself out there. The famous words of my very supportive husband. The name “Grace Interiors” came from our sweet daughter whom inspires me in so many ways.

Interior design + decorating has always been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. Living in Duluth, MN hindered that dream. I knew that if I went to college for design, that I may not be able to make a living for myself – at least a living that would enable me to buy the things I like; and most of you know, I have expensive taste! 😉 So, I decided to save lives for a living and put my passion for interior design on the back burner while I focused on that dream. After buying a home in 2010, my passion came back to the forefront. I was able to put my own creativity into my very own home, with the little money we had at the time.

Now, that my husband and I are in our forever careers, we have more of a freedom to renovate our home into the way we have always dreamed. Slowly, but surely things are coming to life. With help from my very talented + amazing father, my sometimes very unrealistic ideas have become realistic.

My goal is to share our process on the way to our dream home. We try our best to do everything we can to save money in the process and add a farmhouse flare to our country home!

Thank you for reading!

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