How to : Shiplap for under $100

HGTV’s Fixer Upper has become a phenomenon around the country in the past few years. Chip and Joanna Gaines know whats up. I absolutely love their show, because they include their faith and their family, but the main reason I am obsessed with the show, is because the way Jo designs and decorates her homes. They are all the style I envision in my home – as well as most of you. Along with multiple other things, shiplap has become a huge hit – mostly because Jo uses it in all of her houses and lets be honest we all want to be just like her when we grow up. If you haven’t watched the show, you probably should – you won’t be disappointed. But back to shiplap. If I could, I would have shiplap on every wall in my house, but I think that may be a tad bit overboard….and my dad might shoot me if I make him do more than a few walls of it 🙂

If any of you have researched shiplap at all, you know that ‘real’ shiplap is expensive. My husband and I definitely don’t have the money to throw around on shiplap, especially with a toddler, but I had to have a shiplap accent wall in my dining room. So, between my dad and I, we came up with a cheap version of a shiplap wall. It may not be ‘real’ shiplap, but it looks exactly like it and it was less than $100.

Plywood board. That’s the answer. We bought 4’X8′ plywood board in 5/8″ thickness – thickness isn’t important, definitely personal preference. My dad ripped them into 8″ wide pieces – it was just easiest to make it an even number so we were able to use every inch of the plywood board. You can make it any width you’d like; I have seen it anywhere from 4″ – 8″. I, personally like the look of the thicker width. Once the boards were ripped, we started placing them – starting from the top. This step is a 2-man project, so someone can hold the board in place, while the other is securing them with the nails. Once the top piece is in place and level, place the second piece. In order to get the shiplap look, place a small object in between the boards – my dad used drill bits, but I have heard of people using 4-5 nickels as well – on both ends to assure that they are level. Repeat this process until the wall is complete.

Once all the boards are in place, use wood filler to fill in the nail holes as well as any other places that may need to be filled. Our walls were 10′ long so our 8′ boards were not long enough causing us to have to add a 2′ piece to each end – we switched off every other row with which end we added the 2′ too, in order to make sure there wasn’t 1 big seam down one side. Wood filler doesn’t always completely cover everything up and that is okay, it adds a uniqueness to the wall. Once the holes are filled in, it is time to paint. I personally like white shiplap – I think it has a very sleek and classy look to it – but I have seen it be black, grey or many other deep warm colors as well. Make sure to go through after painting with a pointy object, such as a pencil or skewer, to get the paint from the linear spaces between each board.

Unfortunately, I do not have progress pictures, because of course at the time I was not prepared to be writing a blog, so we will have to settle for just the final product.

*All supplies used are underlined above*



Once the designing was done, it was time for some decorating – a fun, but sometimes challenging task. Home Goods (TJ Maxx) is where it is at for saving money and finding amazing home decor items. My biggest tip to finding home decor is to go in with some sort of idea on what you are looking for. I tend to look down the home decor aisles every time I am at TJ Maxx and if anything catches my eyes for a future project, I buy it. You never know if you will ever find it again. I have a pile of stuff building up for a project I am working on right now, because I would rather spend a little money at a time instead of a lot at once.

I like simplicity. Not too much color or too much clutter – ask anyone I know, I hate clutter! So, I wanted what I did with my shiplap wall to be simple. I wanted something classy, but something that also didn’t take away from this gorgeous shiplap. The wood art piece you see in the photo caught my eye and I immediately knew it would be the perfect piece to showcase against my shiplap. The colors are a perfect contrast with the white wall. These wood art pieces give me the serious googly eyes. Anna Bailey is the artist and she is AMAZING at what she does. I love adding pieces to my home from local artists and I knew I needed one of her pieces the minute I started stalking her on Instagram. Make sure to check out her shop here and follow her on Instagram – annabaileying – you won’t be disappointed!

I have a weird obsession with putting letters in my decorating, so you will see a trend going on throughout all my posts – maybe its cause I’m still not use to my last name after 3.5 years, so I need to remind myself it starts with an R and not an S anymore! I also like to add different shapes, heights and colors to add a depth to the decor. Each item is a simple piece, but all of them put together make it look classy.

All items including the console table were purchased at TJ Maxx.

Thanks for reading! Check back next Sunday for another post!



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