Gallery Walls

My absolute favorite task.

Gallery walls.

They are so much fun to create, because each and every wall is completely different. I have completed two different gallery walls in my home and have one more I would still like to do. I have also done one in my parents home and one in my friends new home. Like I said, I really enjoy them and for some reason, people trust me to do them in their homes as well.

The biggest tip I have with gallery walls is to pick one accent color to add throughout and then keep the rest simple – neutral tones like black, white, brown or grey. I believe that simplicity truly makes the wall stand out without looking too busy. I have seen some gallery walls that have way too much going on and they look like people just threw a bunch of stuff up on the wall and didn’t put any thought into it.

I also enjoy adding different sizes, shapes and depths to the wall – this adds a whole other component to it. As well as different components, you can have many different types of gallery walls. Two of the walls I have designed have been more photo oriented – which limits the wall to some decorative items, but adds a more personalized aspect. The other two walls I have created have a theme – whether it be a color or something such as ‘love’ – so they have more added depth and features because they are not focused around photos.

Now, the big question – where do I get all of my items for the walls? If it wasn’t personally made by me – or my mother-in-law – my go-to places are hobby lobby and kohl’s. Kohl’s items tend to be a bit pricer – unless you have a 30% off coupon, thanks mom – and hobby lobby always has home decor on clearance or majorly discounted – as well as their website always has a 40% off [one item] coupon. 

After I have purchased items that I like – and hopefully enough to fill the wall – I place them on the ground and maneuver them in multiple different ways. Sometimes, I will take photos of them and then stare at them for awhile and move what I think needs to be moved until I am happy with the outcome. I can sometimes be indecisive when it comes to decor – I just stare and maneuver over and over again – my husband gets quite annoyed, especially when I have things laying all over the floor for a few days :). I then use white wrapping paper – or tissue paper – to trace each item. Any paper product would work, but these are easy to see through when trying to find the nail holes to mark and are big enough for the bigger items. Cut them out and put a hole where the nail/s need to go. This is a slow and boring process, but it will help so much with the hanging. After each of them is traced and cut out, tape them to the wall where you want each item placed. 


Sorry for the blurry photo – but this then allows you to maneuver them to the height and distance apart that you would like, as well as make each item level – which they are not at all in this photo, ha! Place the nails in each spot you marked, rip the paper off and start hanging – each item should be exactly where you want it, as well as level! 


And boom you have a gallery wall.

This is one I did for a friend in her new home this week. I still can’t believe people ask me to help them decorate their homes – I think I may be dreaming! She wanted a place in her living room where she could showcase photos of her future family. Her living room couch is navy blue, so we wanted to tie in the blue color, but add different tones. We stayed neutral with most, but added little accents to pull out the color. The photo makes it hard to notice, but the flower and the tree frame both have depth to them, which adds another component to the wall. It is not completely finished – due to time – but with the addition of another frame and possibly small decor, it will be complete and definitely a focal point in their new home. 

–Every one of these items, excluding the ‘family’ were found on clearance or 50% off at Hobby Lobby! The ‘family’ is from The Amish Furniture Store in Duluth, MN–


This is the gallery wall I designed in our living room. Like my friend, I wanted a wall for family photos; somewhere I could switch out photos as our daughter grew and we have more children, but was still in a place where they could be seen. I am not one who likes to display tons of picture frames. I used to have picture frames everywhere in my room as a child, but all I see is clutter now – and you all know how much I dislike clutter from the last post! This was my way to show photos, but not have frames sitting everywhere in our home. As one can tell from the photo, teal was our accent color. But, I then stuck with neutral tones with everything else; browns and whites.

–The frames and quote are all from Kohl’s, while the other items – excluding the ‘home’ – are from Hobby Lobby. The ‘home’ sign was made by my mother-in-law and I – watch for a future how-to on wood signs–


This is the wall I did in my parent’s home. My mother is hard to please and when I mean hard, I mean we never see eye to eye on home decor, but she loves this wall – and since has started to trust me more and more with helping decorate their home! Before I started, she told me I had to include this clock – which I was totally okay with, because it added a different shape to the wall. She handed me the reins when it came to choosing items and I decided to stick to a love theme, as well as add some seafoam color to accent their blue couch. The seafoam flower and white candle votive add a nice depth to the wall and give it the added touch that it needed.

–The mirrors, frame, clock and S are from Kohl’s and the rest are from Hobby Lobby– 

Photo by JaneCane Photography /
Photo by JaneCane Photography /

I wrote about this wall in my modern nursery blog – it was my first ever gallery wall. There are some things I would change – such as the spacing – I would make the items closer together to add a less boxy look to the finished product, but I love it either way and I have learned along the way – as the best of us do.

–The clock, love with the arrow and A are from Kohl’s, the chevrons started out as wood from Michael’s and I painted them to match the color theme, the love canvas is from TJ Maxx, and the rest was made by my mother-in-law and myself with paint and a cricut – watch for a blog on the cricut in the future, they are amazing–

As always, thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to read my blog. I have gotten so much wonderful feedback these past few weeks. So this week, lets have some interaction. Comment below and share photos of your gallery walls or ideas that you have for a future wall! 



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