Curb Appeal

Time to head outside.

I am hoping maybe I can jumpstart this summer weather… we can hope right?!

For the last 6 years, our front porch has been an eye sore. Curb appeal is an important aspect to any home. If someone were to ever want to sell their home, the potential buyers are going to have an immediate opinion on each house by the first thing they see when they arrive. Honey, don’t worry I’m not planning on selling our home! But its still important to have that curb appeal you see on all the HGTV shows.

As always, Pinterest gives me plenty of ideas and then I am able to put my own touch on it to make it how I see it in my mind. I wanted it to be welcoming, showcase our address – since our mailbox is across the street – and have our door be a focal point.


As you can see it was an incredibly boring area, so it was finally time to get things going and fix that.

I started with a welcome sign, which I made out of an extra piece of the plywood board from our faux shiplap wall. In the future, I will have a full post on my wood signs and the cricut, but for now I will just say I stained the board, made stencils with the cricut and painted the letters. Nothing difficult at all, no difficult work! I knew I wanted a lantern, but it was just trying to find one that I liked and was meant for outdoor. Target saved me, as always and I found the perfect one that illuminates for 5 hours – double score – find it here. While I was searching for the lantern, I also found a larger sized welcome mat, that I knew would add to the look I was going for – find it here. I have seen other porches with flowers and greenery on them and they seem so welcoming, so I searched for a greenery tree and was able to find one at Hobby Lobby – another surprise, right? – I swear I could own Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx/Home Goods. At Hobby Lobby, I was also able to find some fake floral cuts to place in a galvanized pail I purchased from Magnolia Farms – mine were on clearance, but find a similar style here.


Unfortunately we didn’t get the best after picture – I am out of town, so it was my husbands job and they didn’t work as well as we had hoped. As you can see, the green door doesn’t show well in the daytime so we tried to get a picture when it was dark and all it showed was the flash, but you get the idea! I will see if I can update when I return home with a better picture!

I have been trying to come up with an idea of how to make a nice and classy address sign. Thankfully after we did our barnwood wall, we had a bunch of scraps laying around, so I was able to use those. My dad had a smaller rectangle piece of plywood lying around so I decided to use that. Then we used liquid nails to secure the pieces – make sure you use liquid nails/exterior glue – so you don’t end up like me and it falls apart the first time its in the rain, ha! Liquid nails saved me and I now know I can have it in our crazy Duluth weather and it will not fall apart. Finding numbers the style, size and finish I wanted was more difficult than I had hoped, but I was finally able to decide on some from Menards.


Next, my hopes were to make my door be a focal point to draw people to see that first. We decided on a sage green color, because it blended well with our cream siding. Painting doors can be challenging, so I researched ways to paint doors and made sure that I stood by that to make sure I did a good job! My dad taught me well, always do things the right way, the first time! The sage green color doesn’t contrast the cream as much as I would have wished, so from the street people most likely won’t see what I wanted them to see! Oh well, I can change it eventually if I decide to or add the green to our outer door as well!


It was a lot of fun being able to add some flare to our front porch and make it much more welcoming! Like I said above, curb appeal is such an important aspect to any house and I really feel like this polishes off our home. It adds a touch of farmhouse style to the outside while the same style continues throughout the home.

Let me see and hear what you all add to your front door to make it welcoming! Do you change things for the seasons or always keep it the same?



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