DIY Wood Signs

Anyone who uses Pinterest on a regular occasion – me, no doubt – knows what its like to see all these amazing products/things – like the ones above – that you drool over. So much that you want to buy them and then when you click on the link it is either a dead link or it costs a fortune. As we all know from previous posts, I try my best to keep the cost down on my home decor – even if it is easier and much faster to just spend the dang money – so thanks to my mother-in-law I realized I can make these things for much much less.

Usually my dad has random pieces of wood laying around the garage, which makes things even cheaper, but when it comes to getting wood, anything will really work. You may have to rip it to the size you’d like or add a few pieces together with liquid nails to make it bigger, but either way, the cheapest wood you can find would work. The wood I use in this project is a piece of plywood board from our shiplap project – super cheap!


First, it is important to find an idea that you like and want to create. My current wood sign project is for our foyer remodel – which has a ‘home’ theme – and I wanted to add our last name. Surprise, surprise! You know I love adding our last name whenever I get the opportunity.

Having a plan gives you an idea of what size your piece of wood needs to be also. Like I mentioned earlier, my dad had some wood lying around so I was lucky enough to pick from a whole pile of stuff to get the exact size I needed.


It’s time for stain! Picking out the color stain you want can be a difficult task. Each stain can look different on each type of wood. I had stain at home that I have used for other projects, so I just stuck with that. When applying stain I choose to rub it on with a rag – instead of a paintbrush – but everyone has their own reasons for the way they do it. Make sure you stain the edges too!

I personally, like the way the plywood board stains. It adds a different aspect to the sign with the 2 color tones.

The Cricut has saved my life for the next step! I will go more in depth with how the Cricut Expression works in a future blog. A huge thanks to my mother-in-law and her friend for introducing me to this amazing product and making my life so much easier. I’m too much of a perfectionist to attempt to hand write these signs. The cricut does all the work for me. All I have to do is pick a font and size I like and press cut! Just like that, I have perfect stencils.

IMG_4595Once we have the stencils, it’s time to trace. Measure, measure, measure! Don’t just plop the stencils down where you think is right, because let me tell you, it usually isn’t centered. If it is centered, then it’s usually not level! So, always make sure your words are level! I may or may not know these things from experience!

IMG_7848Now it’s time for the most fun, but meticulous step – painting! I enjoy the precise aspect of this project – probably due to that perfectionism trait I so graciously inherited from my father. My go-to paint for my signs is acrylic paint, however I have used wall paint as well. Acrylic paint is usually cheaper and stays vibrant and in place – even outside in our snowiest Minnesota days! I pair my paint with a small, fine paintbrush so I can be as precise as I please!

I tend to start with outlining the letters first – this allows the second go-thru to be a bit less meticulous. I always go through again and fill in each letter, usually doing 1-2 extra coats to make the color pop.

The final step is applying hardware to hang your sign – if that is what you plan on doing with it. Menards and Home Depot sell various different pieces for hanging. Thankfully my dad has the majority of them on hand – lucky me, I literally made this entire sign without spending a single penny.


Signs can vary drastically in weight, so that is usually the deciding factor in the hanging piece I use. I have made some heavy pieces that have needed more heavy duty hardware so they don’t fall on the floor – or in my daughter’s crib! But in the long run, it is all personal preference!


Waalah! You have your very own wood sign. And get this, YOU made it – always so satisfying!

These are a few of the different wood signs I have made myself – and 1 with my mother-in-laws help! They truly are a simple project and like I said, it’s so satisfying to know that you created this gorgeous sign – and didn’t have to spend a fortune! Duluth is offering group classes for DIY wood signs at multiple locations – which is fantastic, especially if you want to do  it with a group of friends – but in all honesty the $40-$50 you’re paying to do it is a lot more than doing it yourself at home!

Let’s see some of your signs and ideas in the comment section below!

As always, I appreciate you reading!



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