Styling Tips and Ideas

You know what is the best part of buying a home? Getting to decorate and make the space your own! Styling tables, shelves and dressers are one of my most favorite projects. Nothing beats having a vision and then seeing it come together.

Like I’ve mentioned before, when we purchased our house we were young and poor – it would have been dumb for us not to purchase the house at that point in time, due to multiple circumstances. Because of everything, we didn’t have the finances to make everything absolutely perfect – which with my OCD-ness wasn’t necessarily ideal. I tend to be a bit impatient as well! So, the past few years have been so rewarding to me, because I finally get to use my talents and make our house a home.

When it comes to styling home decor, I always like to keep it simple. I feel like simple is classy. Depth is another go-to also. If you are adding decor to any shelve, table or dresser it brings a whole other component when you place items at different depths.

You can find where to purchase all these items in my shiplap post.

As I said before, simplicity is classic. I feel like you can never go wrong with decor if you keep things simple. When it comes to dining room tables or kitchen islands, I prefer to keep it incredibly simple – as in 1-2 items. Flowers are always my favorite – fresh would be best, but I am most definitely not the green thumb in the family. I love peonies and hydrangeas and I think they are both classic flowers, so those are the two I use most. I try to stick to neutral colors as well, but I let my husband pick out the flowers for our kitchen island and he chose pink lily’s and I am pretty impressed with out it turned out.


Lily’s and hydrangeas can be purchased at Hobby Lobby. White flower arrangement can be found at TJ Maxx. Wood toolbox and large wooden tray can be purchased at Magnolia Market.

I live for a classy, sleek bedside table. If I had a million dollars – someone please make that happen – I would get mirror-sided tables and decorate them with fresh peonies every week and gold accents. Ah, a girl can dream right? But, for now, I will stick with what I’ve got. I like adding books as decor in many different places, but I feel this is a realistic place to display some books. A lot of people read in bed, don’t they? That may have just been me admitting that I am not much of a reader! Okay, give me a book written by someone on The Bachelor/ette and I’m all for it – guys, everyone has to have a guilty pleasure! I couldn’t help the excuse to add a sweet picture of my little sweet pea, either. As I have said before, I don’t like to display photos all over my house, but I feel like in the bedroom there is a different feel – especially if the pictures include your spouse and/or children. The bedroom is a more intimate place where photos add a personal touch.

All items can be found at TJ Maxx.

Due to the built-in shelves we created in our living room – read the blog here – there was tons of decorating to be done. Not only did I have 10 shelves to decorate, I also have 3 tables. End tables and coffee tables don’t have to be difficult, but for some reason they always are for me. I like to change them up too often – I get bored easily and having to look at the same thing every day makes me want to change it constantly. Currently I have been able to use some greenery with gold and teal accents to match the other decor in the living room – and its staying still for now!

All items from TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby.

The 10 shelves took forever to decorate, as you have read in the previous blog, but I wanted to showcase a few of my favorite shelves, so that you can all see the decor a bit better.

All items can be found at Hobby Lobby or TJ Maxx, except the white triangle wooden piece is a Anna Bailey original – watch for her feature on the blog this month.

When you are planning to decorate your own tables or shelves, try to keep things simple. Everything will look so much more crisp and classic. You won’t be disappointed by the finished product. It also doesn’t hurt to stick with an accent color and some flowers or greenery. They work their own little magic and make every other decor item more vibrant!

As always, thanks for taking the time to read my blog!



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