Sprucing Up a Living Room Wall

I met Aaron in high school – we hung out with the same group of friends and spent a lot of time together. Fast forward 8 years, I had joined a Mommy Facebook group while I was pregnant and “met” his wife, Monica whom was also pregnant with their daughter. With this world being even smaller, I ran into her at work one day and officially ‘met’ her. Our daughters were 5 days apart and both feisty little things!

So, when Monica asked me to help her spruce up their living room wall – and their bedroom, which you will see on the blog in the future – I couldn’t have been more excited! It was so great to reconnect with an old friend, gain a new friend – especially a mommy friend – and let our daughters become best friends as well!

I am so excited that I finally get to share this project!

FullSizeRender 3

The wall they wanted redone was their main wall – and when I say that, I mean that it is the wall where the television is – the focal point of most living rooms. The first thing that came to mind was shelving. I love shelving – as you saw what I did in my own living room here.

During brainstorming, I had found a shelving idea and just had to share it with Monica. Thankfully, she loved it just as much as I did! So, it was time to get this project started!

Home Depot – as always – was my first stop! If you purchase shelving units – custom or standard – they can cost you a ton of money. I went in planning on buying some wood 1x10s and painting them white. Still quite a bit of work, but much less money. While we were looking for L-brackets – the hardware you hang shelves with – we saw some white 1×10 shelving pieces. Even better! Get this, we purchased 4 shelves and 10 L-brackets for $73. I completely changed the look of their living room…for 73 DOLLARS! Now, thats how I like to do my projects!


Unfortunately, I don’t have any other progress pictures with all 4 shelves up without decor, so you will have to wait until later in this post to see the final product!

When it came to picking things to decorate the shelves with, we went to Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx. You can never go wrong with those stores. They literally have everything. They should probably sponsor me, since thats the only places I ever go, haha! Between Monica and I, we picked out a few frames, art pieces, greenery and decorative accessories.

When it came to styling the shelves, I made sure to always use my go-tos – which you can find here. Different heights, shapes and depths. We also wanted to stick with gold, mint and blush pinks – which was totally easy for me, because those are my favorite colors! Monica had a few extra items laying around the house that added some awesome personal touches to the shelves. She had a ‘D’ she painted gold, some freshly picked flowers, a piece of art her sister painted, and pastel colored books – one that was from their wedding that guests wrote notes in. I love being able to add those personal touches to the decor.

I had so much fun being able to spruce up their living room wall! To make the project even better, our daughters had quite a bit of fun as well! My daughter was soaked each and every time we went there from pouring water from the water table over her head! Those two girls are definitely two peas in a pod – and they are stinkin’ cute too!


Remember last week when I talked about all the unforeseen issues that can occur during projects? You can read it here. Well, this project had just that! If you remember, I talked about the electrical wire issue we had. We wanted to hide the wires, because it just didn’t looked clean cut with the wires hanging – and with a 18 month old running around, hanging wires isn’t the best idea!


We were hoping to be able to add a new electrical outlet behind the television, but when my dad came to look at it, he would have needed to do some more extensive work then we really wanted to go through. That led us to make the decision between making a cosmetic change or hiring an electrician to completely change some things around. As we always want to try to save money, we stuck with the cosmetic change – wire covers! And to be completely honest, I think the final product turned out perfect! In the first picture below, you can sort of see the wire cover, but because it is white, it blends in well with the shelf. Your focal point is the decor and not the cover!

I am beyond happy with how this project turned out and even happier to see how much Monica and Aaron liked it as well. I absolutely love getting to help friends – and others – decorate their homes. I love getting to share my passion with others.

Check out this final product!


A huge thank you to Monica and Aaron for       trusting me to redecorate! Stay tuned to see how their bedroom turned out!

As always, thanks for reading!

Happy 4th of July!




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