Door Panels

During my foyer renovation – which will be on the blog very soon – I have had multiple little projects to complete along the way. This week I want to share how I transformed our boring closet door into something amazing!

All I had to do was add some panels!

During our renovation, I made the decision that I wanted to paint our closet door gray to match 2 of the walls. Once I painted it, I was not happy with it at all. The boring plain door looked so weird painted gray, so it was back to the drawing board in hopes that I could save the current door and not have to purchase a new door.

I knew I wanted to give it a farmhouse feel, so I researched some different DIY projects on Pinterest. I decided to put a few different things I saw together to give our closet door the look I wanted it to have.

I’m a sucker for plywood board. I can find a use for it in every one of my projects. If you remember, that is what I use for my faux shiplap – which you can find here. I bought 1/4″ plywood board and had it ripped to 4″ strips. If you have never used the cutting center at Home Depot, you should! They will cut all your boards for you, for absolutely no cost! My dad loves it, because then I don’t have to constantly bother him to rip all my boards for me! I’ll make sure I find something else for him to help with though! 🙂

After measuring the height, I cut the boards and used liquid nails to secure them to either end of the door. Then, I measured the length between either board and cut 6 pieces that length. I measured the height again, subtracted 24″ – (6) 4″ boards – from that and that gave me the distance between each piece I would put horizontally on the door. Confusing I know, but below you can see the picture and it may make it a bit easier to understand! Once the boards were secured, I let them sit overnight so that the liquid nails could dry.

Once it was dry, I used wood filler to fill in all the gaps. This made the door look like one piece instead of a bunch of wood pieced together – which it was.

Time to see if my work was worth it and actually saved this door from its boring-ness. Two more coats of gray paint and I was in love. But there was still one little issue. The plywood board was rough to the touch and from some angles you could see the difference in the 2 woods. So, that meant bringing out the trusty hand-sander. I used a fine grit of sandpaper, this way it wouldn’t take off a bunch of the wood, but would still make the plywood board silky smooth – I totally said that in an Adam Sandler voice, I can thank my brother for that.

I painted it one more time and holy moly, I am literally in love. Now, I am looking at all the doors in my house and wondering which ones I can do this to next!


It was so easy! Anyone can do it! I just want to stare at it all day long – oh wait, I already do!

Thanks for reading, friends!



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