DIY Corner Shelves

This week’s blog is another small DIY project within my foyer renovation!

This is a project I have been dreaming up from the moment I made the decision to renovate my foyer! We previously had a coat rack that was bulky and sat in the corner while collecting dust and keys.  The only thing it was useful for was somewhere to put our keys when we came in the door – because lets be honest, if we didn’t set them down right away, then they would be lost! Other than that it collected jackets, bags and dust – it stuck out like a sore thumb

I knew I wanted shelving! Something simple and plain. Something I could drop my keys on, but wouldn’t get in the way and would polish off our small, empty corner. I like the look of floating shelves, but I wanted something a little less bulky for this corner – I didn’t want to cover up my shiplap walls! Don’t worry you will see the whole foyer renovation very soon – a couple last finishing touches left to complete.


My dad had some pine boards laying around in his garage from a previous project, so he cut them into triangles for me – obviously its very important to measure your space before you just start cutting triangles, ours where 14″. I could have had one side longer than the other, but I decided I would have them both be even to make it simpler – more for my dad than the look! Once the pieces were cut, I stained them. The color is Jacobean – I wanted something dark brown to contrast with the white shiplap and light gray walls.


Now we needed a way to secure the shelves onto the wall. My dad had some 1/4″ strips that I cut down so that I had something to nail to the wall. You could use anything that is small enough to not be too noticeable, but big enough to give you something to secure the shelf with! After I stained those the same color, I used the nail gun to secure the 1/4″ strips to the wall – I also made sure they were level. Always make sure everything is level – I may have learned this the hard way, even though I have a dad who is incredibly OCD about stuff like this! Then it was time to place the shelves – all I did was use the nail gun and they were secure!


I still wasn’t satisfied with the look. They weren’t as clean cut as I was hoping, so I used the remaining 1/4″ plywood board from last week’s door panels and ripped it into 2″ strips, stained them and nailed them to the front of the shelves. Boom, I had the exact look I was a hoping for! Only issue I came upon with this, was that the nail gun’s pressure needed to be turned down to secure these pieces. When I had the pressure higher, the nails went right through the boards since they are only 1/4″ thick!

They were such an easy task and I had everything available around my house – or my dads – from previous projects. No money spent for an addition to my foyer that completely changed the look of it.

Decorating the shelves were pretty difficult for me – which isn’t normal. The shelves were a smaller area to decorate than I am use to. I wanted to add my go-tos, but it was much harder. I was able to steal some items from our built-in shelves that will be much easier to replace and find some new items at TJ Maxx and LakeIt! My one must-have was a dish on the bottom shelf for our keys. The type of bowl I had in mind was harder to find than I imagined, but I put my brainstorming skills into high gear and was able to find a piece of driftwood and a small dish that fit perfectly in the small area – even more perfect than my original idea. Adding greenery and flowers are always a go-to and add a nice contrast to most shelving units, so that was a no-brainer. While walking around TJ Maxx, I saw the mini sign that said ‘I love you more’ and thought how perfect for that saying to be right at the door. When we leave that is the saying we will see, which is a saying my husband and I use on a daily basis – how perfect! After some changes and lots of moving items, I was able to finally get everything the way I liked!


I am so happy with the final product and am getting so antsy for you all to see the before and after of our foyer renovation. It literally looks like a completely different area – its insane!

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