Foyer Renovation

Eek! I am so happy to get to share this project with you all!

When I started renovating our home, I knew that I wanted to renovate my foyer. I wanted to make it more welcoming and much brighter. As I have said before, when we bought our home it came completely painted and with all the curtain/drapes and light fixtures.

The old paint in our foyer was a coppery rust color that I despised. The foyer is a smaller area so the color made it look so much darker than it needed to be. With the dark color, I also felt like it was incredibly unwelcoming.

Time to lighten things up! It’s a tough thing to explain when I design/decorate areas in any home. I get this idea/look in my mind and I literally cannot settle for anything less than what my plan is. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, which we will discuss a little later.

This was my first full renovation without my dad – until the very end, I guess I should say. He helped me with a few finishing touches, but otherwise, I was able to complete this entire renovation alone! It was an exciting project for me!

As we all know, I absolutely love shiplap – check out my how-to here. I knew I needed to add some to our foyer and I knew the white would definitely brighten things up. Now, I needed to decide if I wanted all four walls to be shiplap or only a few. With this being my first solo project, I decided to just attempt 2 walls of shiplap and accent it with 2 walls of gray paint – Sherwin Williams Silver Strand.

The biggest and most time-consuming part of this project was the trim and archways. All the woodwork in our home was wood, but I like the fresh, classic look of white, especially with our wood floors. Each archway and baseboard needed 3 coats of paint – I used Behr Ultra White. Trim is such a difficult thing to paint – ugh I should have just spent the extra money to buy white trim, but you know me, I am always trying to spend the least amount of money that I can – unless I am at Old Navy, Target or TJ Maxx. 😉

Once the shiplap was completed, I had to make the decision on which door I wanted painted. With both the closet door and front door in this area, I wanted to off-set one. The closet door started out as wood, so I figure this would be the easiest to transform. I liked the idea of panels to add to the farmhouse style I was looking for – you can see how I did it here.


It was now time to spruce up our empty corner, which we touched on last week! These corner shelves can be found here. They have completely transformed this corner from bare and boring to a huge focal point in the foyer. The Jacobean color contrasts the white shiplap so well that they pop out to everyone. The decor adds a special, personalized touch to the shelves as well. You can find the decor details in last weeks post as well.

Now, I can finally get rid of that ugly, cheap-looking linoleum! Three years ago when my husband and I made the decision to install hard-wood floor and get rid of our carpet, it was the absolute best decision we ever made. I feel like our house looks so much crisper and much bigger because of the wood floor. I wanted to get rid of the linoleum and carry the wood floor into the entry way as well and boy, am I glad that I did! It not only makes our living room area larger, but it makes our foyer look so much bigger. When you can expand a flooring type into multiple rooms it adds a depth to the house and makes each room look bigger and more open.


Like I mentioned above, the light fixtures came with the house, so we did not have the most attractive fixtures and a lot of bubble lights, like the one in the foyer. For some reason, about four years ago the light quit working and we never got it fixed. The open light fixture just hung there and stuck out like a sore thumb. I could not wait to get a new fixture. I have always loved the look of industrial type light fixtures. I also knew that I wanted a chandelier-type. I knew that this light would become another focal point in the room and I am so pleased with how it turned out!

Since all the renovating is complete, now it is decorating time! Everyone’s favorite! I knew I wanted a bench – an old church pew was the image in my head, but like I said before sometimes its impossible to complete the look you have in mind. I could not find an old church pew that I liked and when I did finally find a few, they were over $1000. Definitely not in my renovation budget whatsoever! While at Hobby Lobby one day with a friend, I spotted this bench. It has a church pew feel and with the dark color it pops out against the white shiplap. The only downfall was that it was shorter lengthwise than I had hoped, but I was going to make it work. In all design projects, I like to make things realistic. This is our foyer – the place where people will enter our homes and most likely where I our kid(s) will leave the house on snowy, cold mornings to go to school. With that said, I knew I needed a basket where we could place hats and mittens. Somewhere convenient, but didn’t take away from the crisp look of the foyer. I was able to find the perfect wicker basket at Target that fits literally perfect under the bench. I have had friends ask if they came as a set – that is how perfect they go together!

As for the wall decor, I wanted to stick to a family theme. I found this beautiful wood sign with the perfect quote about family at Smallwood Home – I was very pleased with their work. As we all know, I always have to add our last name to things, so I made this sign previously – find the post here. The ‘choose joy’ is from Hobby Lobby and the wreath is from TJ Maxx!


The final decor project I had with this renovation was the coordinates sign. This small area in the foyer looked way too bare, so I was trying to come up with a sign that I could make. I went back and forth with multiple ideas, but then the coordinates idea came to mind. I was satisfied. These are the coordinates of our home – where so many beautiful memories have occurred. Actually, in this very foyer is where my husband got down on one knee and proposed to me! It’s a very special place for me!


I hope you all enjoyed our renovation as much as we do! We are beyond thrilled with the way it turned out!

Now we want to hear from you guys! What is your favorite part of our new foyer? Comment below, on Facebook or Instagram!

As always, thanks for taking the time to read!



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