Aaron + Monica’s Bedroom Makeover

When I redecorated Aaron and Monica’s living room a few weeks ago, I was also asked to redecorate the wall above their bed as well as the wall with their television in their bedroom. Monica asked that it was something more simple and classic. That is something I can always do!

For over the bed, she had a gallery wall with their wedding photos, all in grey which matched their comforter and room color scheme.


As most know from following my blog, I love white. Especially when it is on a colored wall, because I think it completely pops and becomes a focal point. I knew I wanted a white sign with a quote about marriage, love, couples, etc.. Something that was personal and romantic for above their bed. To keep things simple, I also wanted to add some white hydrangeas, which add a depth and texture to the wall, but are still simple and classic. I absolutely love the simplicity and crisp-ness of this design – and even better, Aaron and Monica love it as well!

All items from this wall can be purchased at Hobby Lobby.

As for their television wall, their request was shelving similar to the living room shelving – you can see that here – but less. They wanted an area where they could display stuff and hold their cable box, but wouldn’t fill the whole wall. So, instead of 3 rows of shelving, we stuck with just the one shelf below the television. It adds a new concept to the wall, but continues to remain simple.

As I have mentioned before, I love being able to add personal things to bedroom decor – and this project I continued with that theme. Monica added her wedding photo and bouquet to the shelf, which makes things so romantic and personal. She also added some fresh flowers – which this woman always has, I am jealous – as well as some other personal items!

While keeping this wall super simple, the focal point of the bedroom is above the bed, which is exactly what I was hoping!

I absolutely loved getting to work with Monica and Aaron and being able to help them redecorate two rooms in their beautiful home. They were both such fun projects and helped add a different aspect of Grace Interiors for all of you!

Grace Interiors has some very exciting news to share with all of you next week, so make sure you keep checking back every week!

As always, thanks for reading



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