We Are Officially Open for Business!

Dreams really do come true! I have dreamt of having my own interior design business since I was a little girl – and it is finally happening!

I have done projects for friends and have had multiple people ask me to help them, but today we are officially launching the business side of Grace Interiors – with a lot of support from my friends and family!


How does this work?

Once I am hired, my first project will be to view the area, do some measurements if needed and then come up with a design idea. Once I have come up with the idea – one that the customer and I have agreed on – I will do the decor/supplies shopping.

Before I do the shopping, I would like a budget to work with. If there are colors or decor items that you dislike, this is the time to tell me. Also, feel free to show me items you may already have that I could potentially use.

We will work together to find a day that works where I can come complete the project – please keep in mind that I also work as a nurse and have a toddler! They are both a full-time job! I love designing so I will make sure to get your project done in a timely matter!

What services do I offer?

Gallery Walls



Paint color

Styling Rooms

Redecorating any/all rooms

Door paneling

Feel free to ask me other ideas as well!

Below are some projects I have done!


$25 to come measure/see the area and make a plan

$50 per hour of work

I will however give you a firm price before I start – so that you, as a customer, are not left in the dark.

For example, if I do a gallery wall and I think it will take 1.5 hours, I will charge you $75, but if for some reason it goes over that time, then that is on me. I will not raise the price at the end.

The only cause for increased price will be if something structural were to happen such as electrical wires needing to be rerouted or changed. If this occurs, the customer will be in charge of finding someone and paying for the cost. I am willing to refer you to someone as well.

When is payment due?

Payment for decor/supplies is due on the day of purchase.

Payment for my time and work is due upon completion.

How do I contact/hire you?

I would appreciate anyone interested in my services to email me, that way they are all in one place! I don’t want to forget someone!


A huge thank you to all my readers who have made this dream become a reality! I truly love interior design and I am overwhelmed with the response my blog has gotten in the past couple months. I appreciate each and every one of you!

Stay tuned for more projects coming next week, I am in the process of redecorating 2 more rooms in our home! Crossing my fingers I can get my butt moving and get them complete soon for all of you to see!

As always, thanks for reading!



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