After launching the business side of Grace Interiors last weekend, I didn’t waste any time getting things started. This week I had my first consultation with a customer. Since this is new for all of us, we are learning as we go – but its important to know what I need from you when I come for that very first time.

I touched on a couple things in my post last week, but I will go more into detail this week.

The biggest thing I need from you, as a customer, is a budget on the decor. It is hard for me to buy decor when I have no idea what amount of money you are willing to spend. Home decor can be incredibly expensive, especially depending on where I am able to find the items. As always, I try to find items at stores like TJ Maxx where they are much cheaper than Hobby Lobby – and even when I shop there, I try to use coupons.

Once, I know the budget –  I need to know what areas you want me to decorate, all of them. This is the time for me to measure any areas I need measurements for and gives me the opportunity to take pictures of the areas as well. Pictures are incredibly helpful for me in the planning process.

When I know what areas I am decorating  – I need to know what types of items you are opposed to. Colors, themes, or types of home decor. Some customers don’t like clocks and some don’t like any decor to be yellow for example. When I come for a consultation, this is when I need to know this information. That way it makes it easier for me to know what not to buy.

It’s also incredibly important to know that interior designing and decor takes time. I need the time to collect items for your home and for myself to imagine what I want to do. I am shopping for each project individually – which takes time and energy! If you want the final product to be my best work, then it is going to take some time for me to complete!

I apologize for two posts in a row that aren’t any design! There has been lots going on, which I will get to share sometime in the near future!

As always, thanks for reading!



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