Refinished Bedside Tables

 Finally some design stuff for the blog!

Currently we are redoing our bedroom, which has honestly been in the works for over a year. The bedroom redesign always gets pushed to the side, because I want to redo something that other people will see first! So, now its finally our bedrooms turn!

It still has some projects to get finished so in the next couple weeks hopefully you will all get to see the final product, but for now, I need to show off these bedside tables we had refinished!

First, I have had these arched windows since April when I went to Magnolia Market in Texas. I have been dying at the bit to finally get them hung and looking the way I wanted them too, but we finally just finished painting the walls so its finally time!


I will go more into detail on the wall color and ideas when I blog about the whole bedroom, so for now we just get the details on this BEAUTIFUL bedside table! Seriously, I am in love!

Remember the wonderful Cheryl Wisneski who owns Hopping Wren Furniture? Well, she literally changed this ugly table into this amazing product! She is incredible and knows exactly what she is doing! Check out her feature on the blog and how to contact her here.

As for the decor, we all know I like to keep things as simple as I can! I want that beautiful arched window to be the focal point as well as the table. So, with one little photo of our gorgeous girl and some simple flowers, it adds just the right amount of stuff to not make it look empty but still makes you see the window first! Check out my post on styling ideas here.


The wreath did not come with the arched window, it is from my favorite store, TJ Maxx!

I’m hoping in these next few weeks, I am going to have a few room renovations for you as well as this week, I am finishing up 3 projects for a customer! Make sure to watch for some sneak peaks on those this week on our Facebook and Instagram!

As always, thanks for reading!




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