12-foot Gallery Wall

This week I had the ultimate design challenge!

Attempt to do a gallery wall on a 12-foot wall AND going up a stairway. Each in themselves are a challenge, but together they are a huge challenge.

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit nervous going into this project. That’s one big wall to cover and if anyone knows me, I am OCD when it comes to my designs. I wanted this to be absolutely perfect, especially for my first ‘official’ customer.


When I met with Lisa for her consultation, we talked over the areas she wanted decorated in her house; the stairway gallery wall, a mini gallery wall in her bedroom and decor in her spare bathroom.

When it came to the shopping, as always, TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby were my go-to stops. I am always trying to save money for my customers, so I am always hoping that TJ Maxx will have the majority of the decor, which didn’t happen at first. I went in hoping and was only able to find two frames for the gallery wall. Hobby Lobby thankfully had lots of decor 50% off and as always I had a 40% off [one item] coupon.

I always lay everything out when I get home and as soon as I did, I knew I needed an arrow, so back to Hobby Lobby I went and I couldn’t shop without trying to find some more stuff at TJ Maxx. This time was a success, I was able to find many items and complete my shopping for this project!

I started with the mini gallery wall in their bedroom first – I always like to tackle the smaller projects first! I wanted to make it simple, but add to the decor they already had in their room – which was blue and yellow. I was able to find these blue frames, the sign and arrow all at TJ Maxx. I absolutely love the simplicity of the wall. I never like adding too much stuff in one area! Over-crowded walls look way to busy and stress me out!


Now, the challenge. As I said, I was nervous – this was going to be hard. But, I remained positive and was so happy with the decor I had purchased, that I couldn’t wait to get it up on the wall. If you remember from my post on gallery walls – you can read it here – I always lay everything out, stare at it and switch it around until I am happy with it! It didn’t take long with these decor items! Once I got everything cut out in the paper, hung them, made sure they were level and placed the nails it was the time of truth.

Would it all look the way I had imagined?!

Yes! However, the more I look at it, the more I believe I need one more item to fill in the hole below the arrow to make the angle even more crisp!

It was difficult choosing between which angle I wanted to go off of – the angle of the stairway or the angle of the ceiling. I chose the stairway, since that is the main focal point of the room. That dang vent that sat there and stared at me while I brainstormed, is now ‘hidden’ within the decor and unless you really look for it, you don’t even see it!

I am happy with the way these two gallery walls turned out – and even better, my customer is as well! 🙂

The decor in the bathroom will be on the blog soon, we ran into some technical issues – which can happen anywhere and anytime! See what I have to say about all those unforeseen issues here. I cannot wait for you all to see it!

As always, thanks for reading!



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