Cricut Expression

I promised a blog on the Cricut Expression® months ago, but other projects have taken precedence. As many of my followers know, my husband and I are expecting a new baby – yay! – so my energy and healthiness has dwindled drastically. I had planned to finish up my two home projects this week, however my body had a much different idea – so now you all finally get to hear my thoughts on the Cricut.


I was introduced to this amazing machine when I was pregnant with my daughter. My mother-in-law’s friend had one and we had craft days to finish up projects I wanted to do for our nursery – most of which you can see here in my nursery blog. I immediately fell in love and knew I needed to get one for myself. My mother-in-law and I found a good deal and snatched it up!

I use it all the time and for many different projects, but usually for decor items. If you saw my previous blog on wood signs – you can read it here – you know that is what I use to make my stencils/lettering. I have also made clothing for friends and their babies!

This machine has many uses, from stencils to vinyl signs – custom baby onesies, t-shirts, mugs, car decals, signs, artwork, cards, stencils for art journals and/or scrapbooking and much much more!

Cricut sells many different cartridges that have multiple different shapes, fonts and sayings – they range from $9.99 to $39.99 and depending on your machine you can purchase an electronic cartridge – which in my case is available – and they load right to Cricut craft space.


Cricut craft space and Cricut design center are both available to download, but make sure to see which is compatible for your machine – for ours, we can only use the craft space. The program allows for you to download the electronic cartridges as well as your physical cartridges which then save to your computer. You can also maneuver your words and shapes to come out exactly where on your paper/vinyl you wish. My favorite feature of the craft space is that you can combine letter together to make them look connected instead of singles letters – the main reason I use craft space.

If you are one who does a lot of DIY projects or loves arts and crafts, the Cricut is worth the cost. I use mine so often and with a new baby on the way, I plan to use it to make lots of personalized onesies!

As always, thanks for reading! I promise to get through this rough patch and get back to awesome decor projects!





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