DIY Barn Door

I am SO happy to be back to fun projects – and ones that my amazing supporters want to read about!

I have been wanting to add a few barn doors to different areas in our home, but they are on the more expensive side – and as we all know I’m trying to save money in any area I can while renovating our home! I was able to come up with a DIY method and I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty impressed with the way it turned out.

We started with a barn door replacing our boring door entering our master bath! Thanks to a fellow Pinterest DIY’er I had a starter plan to assist me!


We started with a piece of 4×8 plywood board cut down to 3×7 – this way it is a little bigger than the door frame. I, then purchased (4) 1x4s and (1) 1×6 – I will explain where these were used later in the blog.

The first step was sanding the plywood board so it had a smooth finish on either side. Then for adding a “barnwood design” to the board, you have many options. Below are a few different designs you could pick from.

We chose this design – as well as a wonderful customer who will be receiving the same door we designed!


Our 1x4s were used on either side and both top and bottom. The 1×6 was placed in the middle. Then, because of the design we chose we added diagonal pieces with 1x4s – to make a sort of unique arrow design. We used liquid nails to glue the pieces to the plywood and made sure to clamp them down and let them dry overnight.


Once the drying was complete, we added wood filler in each crease, as well as where I laid each board to make it all look like one piece.

Then comes the touch-up sanding using our trusty RYOBI sander and on to the best and most exciting part – painting.

We have white trim with sage colored walls so we wanted to stick with a crisp white that would become a focal point of our bedroom. Thanks to my wonderful father, I was able to use his paint sprayer for the first time – boy, why did it take me so dang long to start using this?! It made my painting job so much quicker, easier and way less messy!

Once the painting is complete, we added the door hardware which we purchased at Menards for $99.


Here it is – the final product! It came out so great and I love the added knicks in the plywood board that make it look weathered and used.

For less than $150, I was able to create a barn door. I would say that was a DIY win and one I will offer up to my amazing readers! If you want a barn door, let me know and we can talk design and size!

Again, I am so dang happy to be back to sharing these exciting projects that have been in the process! More to come!

As always, thanks for reading!



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