DIY Growth Chart

As you all know, my husband and I are expecting our second child! What’s even better than that is we are also becoming an aunt and uncle for the first time! My sister-in-law is due 5 weeks before me with a little boy – and we are so thrilled to be having a nephew!

I have been planning on making a growth chart for our daughter since she turned one, but as we all know life gets a little hectic! My sister-in-law mentioned she wanted one for her nursery and I knew it was the perfect timing for DIY growth charts!

I wanted a natural stain, but could not decide between a lighter or darker tone – so why not try both! I purchased two 1x10s and stained one using Jacobean and one using Special Walnut.

After the staining process, I was definitely leaning more towards the Special Walnut – I felt that it looked a lot more natural than the Jacobean.

I chose 6’ boards – allowing our children to be 6’5” and no taller! I started with the 1’ mark being 6” up which allows us to hang the chart 6” up from the floor! As for the marks between the foot markings, I didn’t want it to be overcrowded. So, again I tried two different ways to see which I liked better – and to make each one unique in its own way.

On the Special Walnut chart, I made 2 marks between each foot marking – making them 4” apart. On the Jacobean chart, I made 3 marks between each foot marking – making them 3” apart.


I think they both look good in their own ways, but because I’m so OCD, I like the 3 markings better because there is an even amount between each marking – whether it be the foot markings or the inbetween markings!

I’m so excited to see these in their place being all marked up with our children’s growing heights throughout the years!

These are also available to my amazing supporters. Make sure to message or email me if you’re interested!

As always, thanks for reading!


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