Shiplap Bedroom

I have written about it before and we all know I will write about it again – shiplap! It is literally my favorite way to add a farmhouse vibe to any room. What’s even better is when others ask me to add shiplap to their homes. This time is was my mother-in-law! They live in a fairly old house – my first project with plaster walls, which was a worry at the beginning. It ended up not being an issue whatsoever in the end though!

I find these bedrooms on Pinterest that have shiplap on every wall and even though I absolutely love shiplap and would put it in every room if I could, I believe that just having it as an accent wall is a lot better than a whole room. It pops a lot more with a different color adjacent to it!

In my in-laws bedroom, two different walls were covered in a floral wallpaper that had a few layers below it, so instead of peeling it all off, we covered it up with faux shiplap!

For my step by step faux shiplap tutorial, click here.

I started with the little wall, because well it was going to be way easier than a big wall with a window and radiator – and it was!

The wall with the window and radiator however gave me a run for my money! I had to call in my trusty dad to help me finish the project – it’s pretty awesome to get to do what we both love together. He is the reason I love interior decorating and design – I have watched him build many things throughout my short life.

Our first big delay was the radiator – another fun piece of most old houses. Because we had to take the trim off before we placed the shiplap, we had to get behind the radiator and it was not an easy task – which led to the trim cracking. Finding a piece of trim that matched was also not an easy task. We ended up having to get a piece custom made to match the other trim in the room! Thankfully, my dad knows the right places to go for things like this.

Another big delay in the process was a mistake on my part. I got all the shiplap boards up, painted them and then realized that we covered the hole where the cable cord comes outs! Oops! Thankfully, because we use a nail gun to secure the boards, we were able to pry the one board up and drill a hole for the cord to come out. whew! I thought that was going to delay things a lot more than it did!

To finish things off, we added corner pieces and extra trim around the windows to make sure everything looked complete. I always go over everything with vinyl wood filler to make everything appear as one piece – that way it doesn’t look like a bunch of things pieced together.

My mother-in-law painted the remaining walls a light aqua color that completely helped make the shiplap pop! For decor, she added her Anna Bailey piece above her bed. She will be adding white or light gray curtains to the windows as well – but that is still in the process!

Her and my father-in law are very happy with the way the shiplap turned out and so am I! It is a great addition to their bedroom and the new wall color adds even more dimension to it!

As always, thanks for reading!



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