Children’s Activity Wall

Our spare room has taken on many rolls over the past eight years! It has gone from home office to guest bedroom to storage room to our daughter’s playroom and now it will be her big girl room! Through the many transitions, I am pretty sure this has been my favorite to design. I always knew this would be a child’s bedroom someday, so I never did much “designing,” but finally I get to create a space for my feisty and full of personality {almost} two year old!

I wanted to make a space for her, especially now that she will no longer be the only child – or the only girl, surprise, its another little princess! She is very into coloring and drawing at the moment – something I believe will stick around for multiple years, so I wanted to give her a large area where she can create whatever she wants!

Chalkboard paint has become a phenomenon in the recent years – and I am just as into it as the next person! However, I wanted to give her more than just an area to use chalk, so I made an activity wall -somewhere she can draw, color, paint and read.

I saw a similar activity wall on Pinterest – my favorite go-to for everything design – so I used that as a starting point and added a little personal touch. The room isn’t the largest and her bed is going to take up a lot of the room, so this was the one place where I could really personalize space for her – don’t worry the final room design will be on the blog once it is complete!


{excuse the unfinished paint and no trim – like I mentioned, this is the only wall finished in the room}

I added shelving for her books and just enough room to add her rocking chair below it – her little reading corner! I made sure to have a paper roll for her to use all her markers, crayons and paint. And I made sure to add a shelf for her – and me – to have a place for all the utensils without them getting shoved away in a drawer. I made it high enough that she can’t reach, so in the middle of the night when she is refusing to sleep she doesn’t find them and start painting on all the other walls – because, well toddlers!

We have a little girl that is pretty happy with the outcome and wants to show it off!{excuse the undies, we are attempting potty training}


I am so excited to get going on the rest of her room, because after this fun project, we get to start on baby’s nursery! Between being a nurse and customer projects, our house projects have taken a step back – which is okay with me, as long as the nursery is complete by March – okay actually like June or July cause it won’t be used until then anyway!

As always, thanks for reading! I am so thankful for all of you who continue to support my wild dreams – pretty sure only my parents and in-laws read this, haha!



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