Coffee Bar

As I was suppose to be cleaning my house for a baby shower I was throwing for my sister-in-law, I said to my husband – maybe I should just paint the kitchen before the party…

Let me make sure to add that it was 9pm, but ya know, once I make a decision about something there is really no stopping me. So at 11pm the majority of my kitchen was now [Sherwin Williams] Silver Strand and remaining was the rusty brown color it was when we bought the house – a color I enjoyed when my whole house was a brown and tan theme – but now every other area in my open concept living space was grey or white!

I had set up an area in our kitchen/breakfast nook area that was what we now hear as a ‘coffee bar,’ but I never felt confident in showing it due to the rusty color that it all sat on. But, now I can’t wait to showcase this little area in our home that I spend lots of time at – okay, only 2 cups worth of time now that I am pregnant.


I definitely needed an area to put our keurig and wanted a shelving type area to hang mugs and to put decor. Hobby Lobby always has the greatest stuff when you are looking for something specific. I was able to find both the shelving piece and the table there for a decent price. This shelving piece had everything – a place for my k-cups, a place to hang my mugs and somewhere I could put decor and add some finishing touches to the project.


If you haven’t seen or heard of Rae Dunn, you need to check her stuff out. I was on pinterest one day looking through kitchen stuff and spotted these beautiful mugs. At the time I didn’t know what they were, but I knew I needed them. A couple months later, my sister-in-law asked me if I knew what Rae Dunn was and just like that I knew what they were called – and that you can find them at TJ Maxx if you are patient enough. They are much cheaper to get at TJ Maxx than if you buy them directly from her site – which only has a few items at a time. The 2 ‘bowls’ are actually dog dishes, but my husband and I absolutely loved the sayings on them, so we bought them anyway.


The other decor items are from TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby and Starbucks. I have started collecting these city Starbucks mugs whenever I go somewhere new! A very adult way of having a keepsake from all your different trips.

I hope you all enjoy our coffee bar and that beautiful new grey on the walls!

Let me see some of your guys’ coffee bars – since I know they are a big hit in homes these days!

As always, thanks for reading



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