Christmas Decor

To be honest, I’m not much of the christmas decorations type. Usually I put up a christmas tree and stockings and thats it. Christmas hasn’t really meant a whole ton to me since we tragically lost my brother ten years ago, but having our daughter has reignited this spark in me. I see the magic of christmas again, even though there will always be that missing piece.

My husband has always begged me to put up decorations, basically from the minute Halloween is finished and I never obey – oops! But this year, because our daughter is [almost] two and my husband’s constant nagging, I felt the need to deck our house full of christmas – and let me tell you, I absolutely love it.

Thanks to some wonderful friends on Instagram [@ourfauxfarmhouse and @cottonstem], I was able to add a farmhouse vibe to our christmas decor. Ugh, I couldn’t be more thrilled with it – and can’t wait to add more to it next year! Hello Hobby Lobby clearance decorations after christmas!

My first project was decorating our mantel – I couldn’t wait to hang our stockings up this year, because we got to add another one for our soon to be baby girl. Ever since we did our barnwood wall [see it here], I have wished I could decorate our mantel – but because we use this room as our living space, the television takes up the whole thing. But since it’s christmas and the decorations won’t stay for too long,  I decided to add some spruce garland, lights and glass trees to add a holiday flare to it – and its probably my favorite part of our christmas decor.

I am pretty traditional when it comes to christmas tree decorating. For a few years, I tried to keep a color scheme to our tree and it just didn’t feel the same to me. I grew up buying a new ornament every year and absolutely loved getting to look at them from years past when we decorated the tree. Now that we have a daughter of our own, we got our childhood ornaments from our parents and started letting Avery get a new one every year as well. It has definitely made decorating our tree a much more fun tradition – like a walk down memory lane.

To add a farmhouse flare to our tree, instead of a tree skirt, this year I used a tin rim from Michaels. I absolutely love the look it gives the tree and that it adds a whole new vibe to our decorations. I also wanted to add some other tin decor so I purchased a few little trees – from Target, Hobby Lobby and Walmart – in the space between our mantel and shelving unit. The tin bin [from Hobby Lobby] was turned upside down to add different heights and dimensions to the trees and I was able to find this tin house decor at TJ Maxx that I knew would add an extra component to the decor.


We kept the rest of our christmas decorations minimal throughout the house – adding little bits and pieces to the foyer and kitchen. I wanted to make the living room the focal point of our house – and I believe I was able to do that without going too over the top!



I am already excited for decorating next year – especially because we will have two little ones running around to enjoy it!

As always, thanks for reading! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!



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