DIY Twin House Bed

When my husband & I found out we were expecting again, you can only imagine how excited I was to design a new nursery. Well, excitement is an understatement, but what I was even more excited to do, was design a “big girl” room for our daughter. I have imagined the way I would do things for a long time and I couldn’t wait to see my plans become reality.

I wanted to keep it simple, but girly. The biggest to-do for her new room was a bed. Since we are having another baby, we decided to skip the toddler bed that the crib turned into – since we need the crib for our addition – and decided to get her a twin bed. Thanks to Pinterest – again – I got the idea of a house bed. I knew that this would add another whole aspect to her room – and make her feel like a princess.

Thanks to Design Confidential, I was able to find DIY plans for a twin size house bed – it looked easy enough. I would much rather make it myself instead of spending an arm and leg for a manufactured piece. I’m always trying to save money where I can! In the end, we switched up a couple parts – we left out one of the side boards to add more space to get our daughter in the bed and we switched up the boards that hold up the mattress underneath. Easy changes, but something we felt we needed to do to make it look the way we were hoping for.


After we built, sanded and sanded some more, I was able to paint it. The paint looked a little dull to me, so I purchased a poly high gloss spray to add a protective layer over the paint and add a bit of shine to the white as well. I am happy with the way it turned out in the end.


I wanted our daughter to feel like she was in a princess house, so I purchased white tulle from Joann Fabrics and placed it over the house like a canopy. To add a little special detail, I found cloth garland on clearance at Target and added it to the roof.


For the decor, I wanted the comforter to be the focal point, so I stuck with simple colors and basic items for the side table and sheets. Girly, but classic!

Sheets and comforter are from Target.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing this house bed as much as I enjoyed making it – and staring at it when it was finished! The rest of the room is all coming together, so you will be seeing the full room on the blog in the coming weeks! We have lots of projects in the works right now – nesting has set in a lot earlier this pregnancy and I am not complaining!

As always, thanks for reading!



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