DIY Window Bench Cushion

Ever since my husband and I have owned our home, I have wanted to do something fun and cozy with the window bench in one of our spare bedrooms. It never happened, because well, this room was never really a “bedroom” for long periods of time. It was multiple things, but usually the room we threw everything in when we didn’t know where else to put it. Now that room is our daughter’s big girl room and I can finally do something special on her window bench!


Since we gave her a special reading corner, I also wanted the window bench to be comfy and cozy for her to relax and read her books on – so yet another DIY project for me to complete! I am always trying to save money when I can, because I can guarantee that buying an [almost] 10 foot window bench cushion would not be cheap. Some of the supplies I had laying around the house from previous projects – plywood board and an old memory foam mattress pad we no longer use. All I had to purchase was batting and whatever material I wanted for the cushion – I spent $30 on this project.

The window bench was 118″ long and 12 1/2″ wide. I had plywood board cut from a previous project that was 12″ wide and after doing some research, found out that it is smart to leave some space for the cushion around the edges, so I was happy with 1/2″ shorter than I needed. I pulled the memory foam tight against the board and used a staple gun to secure it to the opposite side of the board. I continued this same technique with the batting as well as the blush pink material. It is important to make sure that the staples are secured well on the bottom side of the board.

And you have a bench cushion – along with a little girl who loves it. It was literally that easy – however it is not fun being down on my knees, stapling material at 8.5 months pregnant. It’s a good thing my projects are almost complete until after our daughter arrives – only 4 more long weeks.

A simple hour project that I literally completed yesterday – and it completely changes the look of the window and adds a bright color to the room. This was the final touch to her big girl room, so watch for that blog in the near future. Now onto finishing the nursery – woot!

As always, thanks for reading!



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