Lake Superior Nursery

At 1:29am on February 26th, my husband and I became aunt and uncle for the first time! Hendrix Boyd Hunter entered the world at a whopping 8lbs 8oz and 21-1/2in tall. I (we) feel so blessed to get to watch my sister-in-law take on the role of mom and I cannot wait to get to watch this handsome little boy tackle the world.

Hendrix got to come home to an absolutely adorable nursery, thanks to mommy and daddy! My husband and I were able to help with the shiplap, but I cannot take credit for the rest! The rest was all mommy’s creations – and she did a dang good job!

Emily wanted a white shiplap accent wall so as one of our baby shower gifts, my husband and I completed it for them – it was the least we could do and even better, I was able to get my husband to help! Emily accented the white wall with Behr Voyage paint and I absolutely love the color. When you use a bold color on the walls, it really allows you to be able to stay neutral with most of the other furniture and decor. You don’t want there to be too much going on in one little area and take away from that beautiful wall color.


She found this adorable blue antique dresser turned changing table at the Duluth Junk Hunt and the rich blue against the white shiplap is heavenly! That amazing mobile you see is handmade – by her! We will discuss that more later, it is super easy and absolutely amazing!


Like I mentioned earlier, since the walls are a bold color it helps to stick with neutral colors for the furniture. The remaining walls in the nursery have a white crib and stained book shelves. The simplicity of these items doesn’t take away from the room, but still adds detail to the walls so they aren’t plain. Those book shelves are spice racks from Ikea – find them here – and they were stained special walnut to match the growth chart – see that DIY here. I love the idea of having book shelves in a nursery – or any children’s room for that matter. Think of all those books you get or give at baby showers – you want to be able to display them!

Back to that amazing mobile – my sister in law purchased felt balls from amazon, some fishing line and found drift wood along the shores of Lake Superior. That amazing piece was made for $20 – yep, thats it! She screwed the pieces of driftwood together in a way that she was satisfied with, but also allowed for multiple angles and spots to hang the felt balls from. Once that was complete she “sewed” the felt balls onto the fishing line – aka she used a sewing needle to poke through the balls and added 5-6 random color balls to each piece of fishing line. She then attached each string of balls to the driftwood, which made this beautiful mobile that Hendrix gets to stare at and play with when he gets his diaper changed! How much easier can that get?!



It is so fun getting to see a boy nursery come to life since my life is filled with lots of pink and flowers! Our house will soon be taken over by two feisty girls – I will probably be calling Emily to beg her to switch kids with me for a few days, so there is less drama around the Rice house! All jokes aside, I am so happy to see our sweet nephew getting to use his gorgeous nursery and soon getting to see him and his cousin grow up together!


As always, thanks for reading



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