Pink Children’s Room

Our sweet little girl finally has a completely finished big girl room – and she loves it! I absolutely love getting to watch her play with her toys in a room I created for her. As anyone who follows my blog knows, pink decor really isn’t my thing, but having a daughter makes it a bit hard. Almost everything they sell for little girls is pink, so as a designer, I had to give in and deal with all the pink – especially because it makes her happy too.

You can find most of her big girl room on the blog already, but I wanted to showcase it all as a whole also! One thing that has not been featured is the cute mini ‘vanity’ I made for her. We had a small open wall that I could not figure out what to do with. After searching around, I came up with the idea to turn a shelf into a mini vanity. We accented the room with gold so I found fancy white shelf hangers and spray painted them gold. Home Depot has pre-cut shelving, so I purchased a 2′ shelf and hung that high enough to act as a ‘desk’. I searched for the perfect mirror – my plan was something more antique looking and oval, but when I saw this one at Hobby Lobby I knew it was perfect for the project. I have learned a lot throughout my design projects that sometimes when you have something in mind, you end up finding something even better. And that fur stool – it is so amazing. TJ Maxx knows where its at, however I did find one even better for this project, but I could not make myself spend $80 on a fur chair.

I purchased the rug from Amazon and immediately fell in love with it when I saw it. If you can remember in my DIY house bed blog, we had purchased a different and much more fun comforter. However, this rug clashed with the comforter, so I had to make the decision on which piece I wanted to keep – and I could not part with this super soft fun rug. For decor, I added some simple pieces, like the little sweet dreams eyelashes and her wood sign I made for her nursery. I couldn’t just get rid of the sign I spent so much time on, so I had to find a place for it and I am happy with where I chose.

A lot of the decor we used came from her nursery – because really it was still good so why not use it and save money. The room looks completely different even with the same stuff. Another special piece we decided to keep and use is this mobile my mother in law made for our daughter. The colors matched everything else and I felt that hanging it in the middle of the window was the perfect place to display it.


Last but not least, her activity wall – which you have all seen on the blog already. She absolutely loves drawing on the chalkboard and is always sitting her in rocking chair reading books. Her and her big teddy bear spend lots of quality time together in that corner – a present from her Mimi that we couldn’t just get rid of!

We kept it pretty simple this time around, but I am happy with the way it turned out. She has an area to draw, play and read – what more can you ask for. I didn’t want to overtake the room with things, so I went with the less is more mindset.

Our new sweet baby girl will join the world anyday – oh how excited I am for those newborn snuggles. I hope to continue on with my bi-weekly blogs, but I have never experienced a toddler and a newborn so nothing is promised. The only thing I can promise is that her nursery will be on the blog as soon all the decor is finally here – I guess its true that things get pushed to the side more with baby #2. And I also know that we still have quite a few rooms in our home that still remain unfinished – so when baby sleeps, mama works? Is that the saying?!

As always, thanks for reading!



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