Rustic Boho Nursery

In 2015 when we found out we were expecting our first child, her nursery was the first thing I thought about – the designer in me knew exactly what I wanted to do. You can see her nursery here! Fast forward to July when we found out we were expecting again, my mind wasn’t quite made up on what way I wanted to go. I wanted rustic, but I also wanted floral – so in the end I decided to incorporate both and came up with a rustic boho theme!

My biggest decision for this room was whether I wanted a rustic wood accent wall or a floral accent wall. I LOVE the floral wallpaper accent walls I have seen but the wall I wanted to use was 9×14 and the wallpaper isn’t exactly cheap. Since we were having another girl, I felt okay about spending a little extra on the nursery since we had all the girl clothes and supplies already – but not the price of wallpaper for ONE wall. Maybe I can use it to accent her big girl room someday.

This all lead me to decide on a wood accent wall, but finding the right wood was another issue. The already stained “barnwood” from Home Depot – that I really wanted – was over $500 for the wall – no way was I spending that amount of money. My dad and I went back and forth on what to use, but I thought we could try furring strips in different sizes and lengths and save a ton of money. Our only concern was that the look wouldn’t be what I had imagined. But, once it was finished it was exactly what I wanted – the staining part of the project lead me to almost throw in the towel multiple times, but you’ll have to wait for the DIY post to hear all about that!

I knew above her crib I wanted something with her name and found some boho inspiration on Pinterest – surprise surprise! Last fall I happened to come across pieces of floral garland at Michaels for 50% off and snapped them up as soon as I could. I was just hoping they would work the way I wanted them too – and they did perfectly! The name piece is a wood cutout I had made from an Etsy seller – SpringMeadowCo – and it was more perfect in person than I ever imagined it would be!

When it came to her changing table, my husband and I knew we wanted something longer and shorter than we had for our first daughter. After refinishing and distressing it – see the how-to here – all we needed to do was add decor. This time around I wanted to keep it more simple, so I found some farmhouse decor; wreath from Target & sconces from TJ Maxx. As for on the changing table, I also wanted to keep it simple with a photo and jar of pacifiers – a little goes a long ways!


For behind the rocking chair,  I wanted shelving – industrial pipe shelves were my first plan. The industrial pipes were too heavy for the sheetrock anchors so they weren’t as secure as I would have hoped – especially in a child’s room. I ended up finding some rustic-looking floating shelves from Hobby Lobby that I went with in the end – shorter than I hoped, but worked for what I wanted. Everything on this wall is from Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx. The top right corner looked too empty and it took me awhile to figure out what to put there, but thanks to a fellow designer on Instagram, – cottonstem –  I saw these flowers. They ended up being the perfect touch to the wall!


The remaining two corners were the hardest to finish – I really had no idea what I wanted to do, but with some inspiration I figured it out. To add to the bohemian feel, I found a lace teepee on amazon and added some flowers to the top. It will someday be the perfect area for our daughters to play together. As for the other corner, I knew I wanted somewhere to put books and trinkets, so I stuck with the rustic side of things in this corner. Wood milk crates from Michael’s that I had stained a few years ago! I arranged them multiple ways until I was satisfied with the look.


The rug is probably my favorite addition to the room. Thanks to my friends on Instagram, I got a lot of feedback on which rug to choose. In the back of my mind this is the rug I always wanted, but it was much more expensive. Like I said above though, I was okay with spending a little more on the nursery this time around – so this was my splurge. I am incredibly happy I purchased this rug from WorldMarket – I feel like it ties the room all together.


My mom told me before I started the nursery that I had a lot to live up to from the last one – and I think I may have done it. I am so happy with the way it turned out. It took some time and lots of setbacks but I got it finished by the time she arrived!

Photo by: JaneCane Photography

I hope you all love it as much as we do!

As always, thanks for reading!


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