[Updated] Barn Door

If you follow along with my blog every week you know that I have already posted a how-to on barn doors. Well, the how-to I shared is currently falling apart while hanging on the brackets – so with the help of my dad, we brainstormed a new idea! Everything remained the same, but one thing and it worked – staples!

I was asked to build a barn door for a customer, but obviously didn’t want theirs to fall apart if they were paying me. The only reason the first one fell apart was because the wood glue did not stick, it was strong while building and laying flat, but once we added gravity, well that was a different story. My dad found 1 1/2 inch staples – you want to make sure the staples are long enough to get through the decorative pieces as long as midway through the door wood – for his hand stapler and we used that to staple all the decorative pieces down. Then we simply used wood filler to fill in all the holes! You can still use the wood glue to glue the decorative pieces on as well, it will add that much more support!

Like I mentioned, there was no way I was having a customer pay for a door that would fall apart – obviously! So, thanks to my handy dad we found a way that doesn’t change the look, but makes the door WAY more sturdy and ready for gravity.

Here is where you can find the full how-to – just remember to add staples.

Sorry for a short one this week, but as always thank you for reading!



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